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Are you thinking about get details of sim card owner ? I know you’re in stressed but there’s nothing to worry about, in this article will provide you with all the important facts and details about How to check SIM owner details but earlier than that, you need to understand What is supposed by way of SIM Owner Details.

Details of Sim Card Owner - Latest 2024 All Network

Here is the answer, SIM owner info is the non-public information connected to a SIM card consisting of the registration user’s name, address, and phone records. In Pakistan, almost 80% of the population makes use of smartphones.

As we become more depending on those devices our issues approximately privateness and safety additionally increase. The cause of this article is to offer you with all the methods regarding How to check SIM Owner Details.

How To Check details of Sim card owner in Pakistan?

If you have a SIM card and want to know who the registered owner is, you can check the details of the SIM owner in Pakistan through various methods. One way is to use the PTA SIM Information System, which is an online service that can track the number of active SIMs against their network operator’s CNIC. You can check for SIM registration and biometric authentication status per SIM.

Check the SIM Owner Name and CNIC

If you don’t recognize who’s the Owner of the SIM card that you are currently the use of and to locate the name and CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) of you may observe those steps for any particular SIM card:

  • Open your cell smartphone Messages App.
  • Type “MNP” inside the text and send it to the Code “667”.
  • A message can be dispatched to you a good way to display you the CNIC variety and the name of the Owner who owns the SIM card.

SIM Owner Details with Name and Address

  • Download and open the iStaunch App on your device.
  • Enter the specific cell number whose SIM records you need to get entry to.
  • Fill inside the captcha and click on at the button with Find Owner SIM details.
  • In a 2nd, you’ll get all of the information approximately that wide variety which includes SIM Owner Name, Registration date, stay place, and IP cope with.

How to check Sim Owner Name by number?

If you search for the name of the SIM card owner by number, you can use different methods depending on the network provider. Here are some examples:

  • For Jazz SIM, dial *4443# for prepaid and *777# for postpaid. Follow the instructions and then press 6 . You will get the owner’s name number and CNIC.
  • Dial *100# for Zong SIMs. You can send SMS to the owners and the CNIC.
  • For Ufone SIM, dial 3361# or use MNP 667. You will receive an SMS with the owner and CNIC.
  • For Telenor SIMs, dial 3458*1# or send a toll free SMS to 7751. You will receive an SMS and the owners CNIC.
  • Warid SIMs, dial 3218*1# or send to MYNO 6060. You will receive an SMS with owners and CNIC.
  • You can also use online services like SIM Information System to check the name of the owner of each SIM card by entering the number.

Online Sim Databases

Some countries may have online sim database services where individuals can verify SIM card registration details, but access to such information is often restricted and subject to privacy laws.In Pakistan PTA offers to get details of sim card owner by visit official website user can check all information related sim.


Can I Look Up a SIM Card Owner’s Name and Address Online?

No. Due to privacy regulations set by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), there is no legal or publicly available way to access a SIM card owner’s name and address online in Pakistan. But an the other hand some third parties offers to check sim card owner data from their sites.

Why Can’t I Find SIM Owner Information Online?

The PTA prioritizes user privacy. Granting unrestricted access to such details could lead to misuse of information and privacy violations.

Are Websites Offering SIM Owner Details Reliable?

There are many websites are available on internet which provide the sim owner details included and others but some of some are likely scams. Here’s why you should avoid them:
Privacy Risks: Entering your information exposes you to potential privacy breaches.
Inaccurate Data: The information provided might be outdated, fabricated, or irrelevant.
Hidden Fees: Some websites might lure you in with “free trials” and then charge hidden fees for useless services.

How Can I Verify a Phone Number?

Here are some safer alternatives for phone number verification:
Direct Contact: If you know the person, call or message them directly.
Social Media Search: Look for the phone number owner on social media platforms, respecting their privacy settings.
Business Listings: For business numbers, search online directories or their company website.

What If I Suspect SIM Misuse?

If you believe your SIM card is being used without your permission, contact your mobile operator’s customer service immediately. They can deactivate the SIM and investigate potential fraudulent activity

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