Jazz Monthly Internet Packages 25GB Code

Best Offer Jazz Monthly Internet Packages 2023

Are you looking for Jazz Monthly Internet Packages 2023? A solid internet joining is necessary whether you’re watching your favorite shows online making video calls to family and friends or working from home.

One of Pakistan’s top telecoms providers, Jazz, recognizes this need and provides a wide selection of monthly internet packages to meet your unique needs. To assist you in selecting the best Jazz Monthly Internet Package for your needs we’ll go into great detail in this article.

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Jazz Monthly Internet Packages 2023 Details

Package NameData AllowancJazz to Jazz MinutesOther Network MinutesSMSPrice (per month)Activation Code
Monthly Max3000 minutes500 minutes3000 SMSRs. 1260/-*708#
Monthly Super30 GB2500 minutes500 minutes2500 SMSRs. 999/-*706*2#
Monthly Basic15 GB1000 minutes200 minutes1000 SMSRs. 660/-*733#
Jazz Monthly Internet Packages 2023 Details

All Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Jazz offers a selection of monthly internet packages planned to meet the diverse needs of its users. Here are some of the most popular packages:

Monthly Max: Priced at just Rs. 1260/- per month, this package offers an impressive 40 GB of data, along with 3000 minutes of Jazz to Jazz calls 500 minutes of calls to other networks, and 3000 SMS. To activate this package, simply dial *708#.

Monthly Super: For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, the Monthly Super package provides 30 GB of data, 2500 minutes of Jazz to Jazz calls, 500 minutes of calls to other networks, and 2500 SMS for only Rs. 999/- per month. Activate this package by dialing *706*2#.

Monthly Basic: If you’re a light internet user, the Monthly Basic package offers 15 GB of data, 1000 minutes of Jazz to Jazz calls, 200 minutes of calls to other networks, and 1000 SMS for just Rs. 660/- per month. Dial *733# to activate this package.

In addition to these monthly packages, Jazz also offers a variety of other internet packages, including daily weekly, and seasonal options. You can find a complete list of Jazz internet packages on the official Jazz website.

Benefits of Subscribing to Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Subscribing to a Jazz monthly internet package comes with a multitude of benefits:

  • Consistent Data: With a monthly package, you receive a fixed amount of data every month, ensuring you never run out of data unexpectedly.
  • Cost-Effective: Monthly packages offer discounted rates compared to paying for data on a per-use basis, saving you money.
  • Freebies: Jazz monthly internet packages often include complimentary minutes, SMS, and other perks, enhancing your overall experience.

When choosing the right Jazz monthly internet package for you, consider your data usage habits, the additional benefits included in the package, and price comparisons with other packages to make an informed decision.


Jazz monthly internet packages are your key to uninterrupted connectivity, offering affordability, convenience, and a variety of benefits. Whether you’re a heavy data user or need a more basic plan, Jazz has you covered. Stay connected seamlessly with Jazz reliable and affordable monthly internet packages.