Ufone SMS Packages

How to subcribe Ufone SMS Packages

Dive into our detailed guide on Ufone SMS Packages. Offering daily, weekly, and monthly options, this article is your one-stop resource for all Ufone to Ufone SMS packages. Stay in touch with your friends and family without breaking the bank. Find the package that best suits your texting needs and budget. Don’t miss out on these amazing Ufone offers.

Ufone Monthly SMS Package

The Ufone monthly SMS package is the best option for me as it gives me 21000 SMS for only Rs. 95.6 (including tax) for 30 days. This means that I can send an average of 700 SMS per day which is more than enough for me. I can easily subscribe to this package by sending SUB to 607 or dialing *607#.

The best part is that this package also gives me 5 GB of WhatsApp data which I can use for voice and video calls media sharing and group chats. This way I can stay connected with my friends and family without worrying about the balance.

Package NamePrice (PKR)SMS IncludedValidityOn-net/Off-netOther BenefitsSubscribe Code
Super SMS Mega12016,00030 daysAll NetworksNone*5495#
Super SMS Plus9010,00030 daysAll NetworksNone*5494#
Super SMS 5000605,00030 daysAll NetworksNone*5493#
Super SMS 2500302,50030 daysAll NetworksNone*5492#
Super SMS Saver151,00030 daysAll NetworksNone*5491#
Daily Super SMS550024 hoursAll NetworksNone*5460#
SIM Lagao Offer (60 Days)4606,000 (total)60 daysUfone & PTCL only8GB Internet (divided)*967#
Table of Ufone Monthly SMS Package

Ufone Weekly SMS Package

Sometimes I need more SMS for a short time such as when I have to send invitations greetings or reminders to a lot of people. In such cases I opt for the Ufone weekly SMS package which gives me 1250 SMS for only Rs. 11.95 (including tax) for 7 days.

This package is also easy to subscribe as I just have to send SUB to 608 or dial *608#. The weekly SMS package is also suitable for those who do not use SMS frequently as they can save money by subscribing to it only when needed.

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Package NameSMS IncludedOn-net/Off-net CallsValidityPrice (including tax)Activation Code
Super SMS Weekend500On-net: Free within Ufone, Off-net: Charged as per standard rate3 Days (Fri 6:00 PM – Mon 11:59 PM)Rs. 25*345#
Weekly Super SMS Bundle750On-net: Free within Ufone, Off-net: Charged as per standard rate7 DaysRs. 35*234#
Asli Chappar Phaar400On-net: 400 Free minutes, Off-net: Charged as per standard rate7 DaysRs. 140*500#
Weekly Pakistan Offer250On-net: 250 Free minutes, Off-net: Charged as per standard rate7 DaysRs. 122*506#
Table of Ufone Weekly SMS Package

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Why I Prefer Ufone SMS Packages

There are many reasons why I prefer Ufone SMS packages over other options. Here are some of them:

  1. Ufone SMS packages are cheaper than other networks as they offer more SMS for less price.
  2. Ufone SMS packages are flexible as they offer different options for different needs and durations.
  3. Ufone SMS packages are convenient as they are easy to subscribe and unsubscribe and do not require any balance check or hidden charges.
  4. Ufone SMS packages are reliable as they deliver messages quickly and accurately without any network issues or delays.
  5. Ufone SMS packages are compatible as they work on any handset and any network without any restrictions or limitations.

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Ufone SMS packages are the best choice for me as they provide me with a hassle-free and cost-effective way of communicating with my contacts. I am satisfied with the quality and quantity of the SMS packages and I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good SMS service. Ufone truly lives up to its slogan “It’s all about U”.