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Ufone Call Packages Monthly 100 Rupees – Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Are you looking for Ufone Call Packages? you reach right. Ufone understands this need and offers a wide range of call packages tailored to suit every requirement.

In this guide, we will delve into the details of some of the most popular Ufone call packages, how to activate them and even check your balance.

Ufone Call Packages 2024 – Ufone Call Packages Monthly

Call PackagesDurationPackage DetailsActivation CodeCost (Rs.)
Ufone 2 Hour Call Package2 hours200 minutes to Ufone/PTCL numbers*343#8.50
Ufone 4 Hour Call Package4 hours400 minutes to Ufone/PTCL numbers*343#17.00
Ufone Super Recharge Package3 days300 minutes to Ufone/PTCL numbers, 100 MB data, 300 SMS*300#45.00
Ufone Best Daily Offer1 day500 minutes to Ufone/PTCL numbers*311#25.00
Ufone Upower Card7 days1000 minutes to Ufone/PTCL numbers*356#120.00
Ufone Best Weekly Offer7 days1500 minutes to Ufone/PTCL numbers*315#150.00
Ufone PrimeCall Unlimited30 daysUnlimited minutes to Ufone/PTCL numbers*366#999.00
Ufone Super Card Plus30 days1200 minutes to Ufone/PTCL numbers, 1500 MB data, 4200 SMS*399#599.00
Activating Ufone Call Packages:
Dialing Activation CodeVaries by package (See above)Varies by package (See above)
Sending an SMSText code to 333 (e.g., “300” for Super Recharge Package)
Checking Your Ufone Call Balance:
Dialing *121#*121#
Sending an SMSText “BAL” to 333
Table of Ufone Call Packages

Ufone Call Packages Code

Ufone provides a wide selection of call packages giving you the freedom to select the one that best meets your needs. They have everything from immediate fixes to long-term commitments. The following is a list of some of their most popular packages:

Ufone Call Packages 2 Hours

  1. Ufone 2-Hour Call Package: Need a quick catch-up? This package offers 200 minutes for calls to any Ufone or PTCL number, valid for 2 hours. Activate it by dialing *343#. For just Rs. 8.50, you’re good to go!
  2. Ufone 4-Hour Call Package: For a longer chat session, opt for this package, which gives you 400 minutes for calls to any Ufone or PTCL number, valid for 4 hours. Activate it by dialing *344# for just Rs. 17.

Ufone Call Packages Daily

  1. Ufone Super Recharge Package: This comprehensive package offers 300 minutes for Ufone and PTCL numbers, 100 MB of data, and 300 SMS, all for 3 days. Activate it by dialing *300# for Rs. 45.
  2. Ufone Best Daily Offer: Get 500 minutes for Ufone and PTCL numbers, all for 24 hours. Dial *311# to activate this package for just Rs. 25.

Ufone Call Packages Weekly

  1. Ufone Upower Card: Enjoy 1000 minutes for Ufone and PTCL numbers over 7 days. Activate it by dialing *356# for Rs. 120.
  2. Ufone Best Weekly Offer: This package offers an impressive 1500 minutes for Ufone and PTCL numbers, valid for 7 days. Dial *315# to activate it for Rs. 150.

Ufone Call Packages Monthly 100 rupees

  • Ufone PrimeCall Unlimited: If you’re a heavy caller, this package is for you. Enjoy unlimited minutes for Ufone and PTCL numbers for 30 days by dialing *366#. The cost is Rs. 999.
  • Ufone Super Card Plus: Get 1200 minutes for Ufone and PTCL numbers, 1500 MB of data, and 4200 SMS, all valid for 30 days. Activate it by dialing *399# for just Rs. 599.

These packages are just a glimpse of what Ufone has to offer. To explore all available packages, visit the Ufone website or contact their customer service for personalized recommendations.

Activating Ufone Call Packages:

Activating Ufone call packages is a breeze. You have two options:

  1. Dialing the Activation Code: Each package has a unique activation code as mentioned above. Simply dial the code associated with your desired package and you’re good to go. Activation Code are provide in table.
  2. Sending an SMS: Alternatively, you can activate a package by sending an SMS with the relevant text code to 333. For instance, to activate the Ufone Super Recharge Package, send an SMS with the text code 300 to 333.

Ufone Call Packages Terms and Conditions 2024

  1. There may be changes to any or all call packages at any moment and without previous notice.
  2. Tax is included in every call bundle.
  3. On each call, call setup fees of 15 Paisa plus tax will be applied.
  4. Only on-net calls are eligible for call bundles.
  5. International calls, calls made while in roaming and calls made to specific numbers are not covered by call packages.
  6. Calls made to Ufone customer service numbers are not included in call packages.
  7. The call package description will state how long the package is valid for.
  8. Any subscription to a call plan may be suspended or terminated at any moment by Ufone without prior notification.

Ufone Call Balance Check Online:

Keeping track of your balance is crucial. To check your Ufone call balance, you can either:

  • Dial *121#: This will provide you with your current call balance.
  • Send an SMS: Send an SMS with the text code “BAL” to 333 to receive your call balance.


Ufone Call Packages are practical affordable and adaptable. There is a bundle made particularly for you, whether you’re a chatty caller or not. Don’t lose out on maintaining contact with your family friends and coworkers.

For more information about the Ufone Call Packages or any queries you may have please visit the Ufone website. Discover the many different Ufone phone packages activate your favorite and stay connected without spending a fortune.

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