All Network Advance Balance Loan Codes 2024 – Emergency loan Balance

Best Way Advance Balance Loan Codes 2024. Are you a Pakistani mobile user who’s been caught in a sticky situation urgently needing to make a call or send a message but your balance is running on empty? It’s a common predicament that can be quite frustrating especially when you’re out of reach from a recharge facility or unable to borrow balance from friends or family.
But don’t fret there is a solution at hand. Most major Pakistani mobile networks offer an Advance Balance service providing customers with a lifeline of credit to use when their balance is just too low for communication needs. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps of availing the advance balance loan on all Pakistani networks.

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All Network Advance Balance Loan Codes in details

Jazz Advance Balance Loan Codes:

Jazz a renowned mobile network in Pakistan presents its Jazz Advance service. To secure an advanced balance in Jazz:

  1. Dial *112# from your Jazz number.
  2. A confirmation message will inform you of the eligible advance balance amount.
  3. Service Name: Jazz Advance
  4. Code: *112#
  5. Loan Range: 15 to 60 PKR
  6. Charges: 3.50+TEX

Telenor Advance Balance Loan Codes:

Telenor users can take advantage of the Emergency Load service for up to Rs. 20 in credit. To acquire an Emergency Load on Telenor:

  1. Dial *0# from your Telenor number.
  2. A confirmation message will detail your eligible Emergency Load amount.
  3. Service Name: Telenor Emergency Load
  4. Code: *0#
  5. Loan: 20 PKR
  6. Charges: 3.99+TEX

Zong Advance Balance Loan Codes:

Zong Advance Balance service extends credit of up to Rs. 50. To grab an Advance Balance on Zong:

  1. Dial *911# from your Zong number.
  2. A confirmation message will reveal your eligible Advance Balance amount.
  3. Service Name: Zong Advance Balance
  4. Code: *911#
  5. Loan Range: 15 to 30 PKR
  6. Charges: 4.50+TEX

Ufone Advance Balance Loan Codes:

Ufone Super Balance service provides credit up to Rs. 50. To avail of the Super Balance on Ufone:

  1. Dial *456# from your Ufone number.
  2. A confirmation message will disclose your eligible Super Balance amount.
  3. Service Name: Ufone Super Balance
  4. Code: *456#
  5. Loan Range: 30 to 60 PKR
  6. Charges: 6.50+TEX

A Note of Importance:

Remember, each network sets its terms and conditions for availing advance balance. Your eligibility for credit might hinge on factors like usage history and account balance. Additionally keep in mind that the convenience of advance balance often comes with a service fee so it’s wise to weigh your needs before taking the plunge. Visit the websites of Zong Ufone Telenor and Jazz.


Running low on mobile balance can be a frustrating ordeal, especially in urgent situations. Thankfully Pakistani mobile networks have introduced advanced balance loans to keep you connected even in tough times. By following the simple steps provided by networks like Jazz Telenor Zong, and Ufone you can ensure that your communication lifeline remains intact.

Just remember while these advance balance loans are incredibly useful it’s essential to be mindful of the repayment timelines and service charges. So stay connected, stay informed, and stay in control of your mobile experience!

What is a loan code for an advance balance?

You can acquire an advance on your prepaid mobile balance by dialing an advance balance loan code on your phone. When your credit runs out and you need to make a call, send a text, or use the internet, this can be helpful.

What various network advance balance loan codes are there?

There is a specific advance balance loan code for each network. The primary networks in Pakistan have the following codes:
Jazz: *112#
Telenor: *0#
Zong: *911#
Ufone: *456#

How can I utilize a loan code for an advance balance?

Simply dial the code on your phone and follow the prompts to use an advance balance loan code. Usually you’ll be prompted to enter how much credit you wish to borrow. The credit will be immediately applied to your balance when you have verified the amount.

How much does using an advance balance loan code cost?

The use of an advance balance loan code carries a minor cost. Depending on the network and how much credit you borrow, different fees apply. For instance, Jazz levies fees equal to 30% of the loan amount.

How do I pay back a loan for an advance balance?

When your prepaid amount is recharged, your advance balance loan will be instantly paid back. Your recharge amount will be reduced by the loan amount plus the cost.

What if my advance balance loan is not repaid?

Your service can be terminated if you are unable to pay back your advance balance loan. You’ll need to recharge your balance and settle the balance owing in order to get your service back.

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