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Jazz Balance Check 5 Easy Ways

Are you looking for a Jazz Balance Check? No go other more. I provide the 5 best methods to check jazz balance in 2023. We’ll walk you through five of the most common ways to maintain your balance in this article.

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Jazz Balance Checking Methods

MethodDescriptionPrice (Charges)USSD Code
Balance Check by USSD CodeCheck your prepaid Jazz balance by dialing *111#Rs. 0.24+tax*111#
Balance Check by USSD Code (Alternative)Call 111-300-300 and follow the computer operator’s instructions4446*2#
Balance Check by Customer ServiceCheck balance details by dialing 111 (audio form)Rs. 0.72+tax/call111
Network Service Info (New Customers)Call 111-300-300 and follow the computer operator’s instructions111-300-300
WhatsApp Self-Service MethodCheck balances and information via WhatsApp self-serviceWhatsApp
Jazz World App MethodUse the Jazz World App to view your current balanceJazz World App
Balance Check for Postpaid CustomersCheck balance for postpaid customers by dialing *1111#*1111#
Balance Check via WhatsApp Self-ServiceIn the “My Account” section of Jazz Cash AppWhatsApp
Balance Check for Postpaid via CallListen to postpaid Jazz balance details by calling 777777
Jazz Cash Balance CheckCheck Jazz Cash balance via multiple methods:
Jazz Cash AppWith an area code from a registered mobile number
Dial 4444 from Jazz/Warid mobile number4444
Dial 7866*9# on your dial pad7866*9#
Dial UAN: 051-111-124-444In the “My Account” section of the Jazz Cash App051-111-124-444
Jazz Super Card Balance CheckCheck Jazz Super Duper Card balance and status:
– SubscriptionDial *707# to subscribe*707#
– UnsubscriptionDial 7074# to unsubscribe7074#
– Status StringDial 7072# to check status string of the card7072#
– Information CodeDial 7073# to get information codeA similar process for both prepaid and postpaid customers7073#
Balance Check (General)Check remaining balance by dialing *111# or calling 123Rs. 0.12 +tax*111# or 123
Table of Jazz Balance Checking Methods

Jazz Balance check in 5 Easy Ways 2023

Jazz Balance Check

Dial 111#

The most common way to check your Jazz balance is by dialing *111# from your Jazz prepaid number. You will be required to input your mobile number after dialing the code. Your current balance will appear on your screen after inputting your cellphone number.

Use the Jazz World App

The Jazz World App is a versatile tool for managing your Jazz account. With the app, you can easily check your balance recharge your account and even view your usage history. To check your balance using the Jazz World App open the app sign in to your account and navigate to the “Balance” tab.

Send an SMS

If you prefer a text-based method, you can check your Jazz balance by sending an SMS. Simply type ‘BAL’ and send it to 786. Shortly after you’ll receive a text message containing your current balance.

Call the Jazz Customer Service Number

For those without access to a mobile phone or the internet, calling the Jazz customer service number is a reliable option. Dial 111 and follow the prompts to enter your mobile number. A customer service representative will assist you in retrieving your current balance.

Use a Third-Party App

Several third-party apps are available for both iOS and Android devices, offering convenient ways to check your Jazz balance. To get started download the app sign in to your Jazz account and access the “Balance” tab to view your current balance.

Jazz Super Card Balance Check

  • Description: Check Jazz Super Duper Card balance and status.
  • Subscription: Dial *707# to subscribe. Unsubscription: Dial 7074# to unsubscribe. Status String: Dial 7072# to check the status string of the card.
  • Information Code: Dial 7073# to get the information code.

Jazz Cash Balance Check

  • Description: Check Jazz Cash balance via multiple methods.
  • Jazz Cash App: In the My Account section of Jazz Cash App.
  • Dial 4444 from Jazz/Warid mobile number. Dial 7866*9# on your dial pad.
  • Dial UAN: 051-111-124-444: With an area code from a registered mobile number.

How to save Jazz balance

You can use the special code provided by Jazz to save money on calls, SMS, and mobile internet. You only need to call *275# from your mobile phone to subscribe to this code. A confirmation message for the subscription will be sent to you. Only Jazz prepaid subscribers are eligible for this free promotion.

Additional Tips:

If you’re using the *111# method, ensure you’re dialing from your Jazz prepaid number.

  1. When using the Jazz World App make sure you have the latest version installed.
  2. For SMS balance checks verify that you’re sending the message to the correct number (786).
  3. When calling the customer service number have your mobile number ready for quick assistance.
  4. If using a third-party app, ensure compatibility with your device.


With these five simple approaches, the Jazz balance check is quick. Next time you want to know your balance find out easily. Please leave a comment below if you have any additional questions or need help. Visit the Jazz website for an excess of information about Jazz services.

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