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ONIC Sim Cards in Pakistan 2023 Order, Package, Benefits

If you looking for ONIC SIM cards in Pakistan 2023? ONIC the latest mobile network operator has recently set its roots in Pakistan’s telecommunications market. With a plethora of prepaid and postpaid plans and comprehensive data, voice, and SMS bundles, ONIC SIM cards are becoming increasingly popular among individuals seeking cost-effective and dependable mobile communication solutions.

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How to Get an ONIC SIM Card:

Obtaining an ONIC SIM card is a straightforward process:

  1. Visit any authorized ONIC dealer in your area.
  2. It conforms to bring your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) for identification.
  3. Additionally, you’ll need to provide proof of your address to complete the registration process.

Features of ONIC Sim Cards:


Affordable Plans: One of the standout features of ONIC SIM cards is the wide variety of affordable plans they offer. Whether you’re a budget-conscious consumer or someone with more specific needs ONIC has a plan tailored just for you.

  1. Reliable Network: Trust is paramount when it comes to mobile networks. ONIC understands this which is why they’ve partnered with Telenor to utilize their state-of-the-art network infrastructure. With ONIC you can rely on consistent and robust network coverage across Pakistan.
  2. Wide Range of Plans: ONIC takes pride in catering to a diverse customer base. They offer an extensive selection of plans including prepaid postpaid and data-only options. This versatility confirms that every customer can find a plan that perfectly suits their requirements.
  3. Ease of Use: Activating an ONIC SIM card is a hassle-free experience. The user-friendly interface and straightforward activation process make it accessible to everyone from tech-savvy individuals to those new to mobile technology.
  4. Customer Support: ONIC is committed to providing excellent customer support. If you ever encounter issues or have questions about your plan their dedicated support team is just a call away ready to assist you in resolving any concerns.

What is the ONIC Sim Code?

The ONIC SIM code is a 0339-digit numerical identifier found on the reverse side of each ONIC SIM card. This code serves as a unique fingerprint for your SIM card enabling its activation on the ONIC network. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of your ONIC SIM card.

How to Find Your ONIC Sim Code

Discovering your ONIC SIM code is a breeze. Flip your SIM card over, and you’ll spot this crucial 3-digit number neatly printed in a small box, typically located near the card’s bottom edge. It’s your key to unlocking the world of ONIC connectivity.

Why is the ONIC SIM Code Important?

The ONIC Sim code carries immense significance. It serves as the linchpin in the activation process of your ONIC SIM card on the ONIC network. Whether your SIM card goes missing or suffers damage, knowledge of your SIM code becomes invaluable when obtaining a replacement SIM card.

How to Activate Your ONIC SIM Card

Activating your ONIC SIM card is a straightforward process:

  1. Visit the ONIC website or use the ONIC mobile app, conveniently accessible on your smartphone.
  2. Enter your unique SIM code in the designated field.
  3. Select your desired plan or package from the array of options available, catering to various usage preferences.
  4. Make the payment for your chosen plan or package using the secure payment options provided.
  5. Once your payment is confirmed, your ONIC SIM card will be activated, and you can start enjoying seamless connectivity

ONIC Sim packages 2023

Package NameDataSMSMinutesValidityActivation CodePrice
Big Call Internet SMS30 GB5,0005,00030 days510#PKR 890
Epic Data100 GB5,0005,00030 days520#PKR 1290
Limitless Data200 GB5,0005,00030 days530#PKR 1990
Purple ReignUnlimited minutes & data10010030 days599#PKR 3999
Daily 300 MB300 MB5001 day310*1#PKR 23
Weekly 3 GB3 GB10007 days570#PKR 99
Monthly 12 GB12 GB300030 days571#PKR 399
Monthly 24 GB24 GB600030 days572#PKR 599
Monthly 50 GB50 GB1200030 days573#PKR 999
ONIC Sim packages


ONIC Sim Cards have swiftly made their mark as a compelling choice for those seeking cost-effective and dependable mobile communication in Pakistan. With a wide range of plans catering to various budgets and a partnership with Telenor ensuring reliable network coverage, ONIC is an excellent option for anyone considering a switch in mobile network operators. If you’re in search of an affordable and reliable communication solution, ONIC is your answer.

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