Pakistan SIM Codes Name list 2024

Which is the Pakistan sim codes? In today’s fast-paced digital world having a reliable mobile phone with access to seamless communication and data services is no longer a luxury it’s a necessity. Pakistan a country known for its vibrant culture and dynamic population is home to a thriving telecommunications industry that powers these connections.

Pakistan Sim Codes 2024 Details

Network NameDescriptionOfficial WebsiteSerial Codes
UfoneA subsidiary of PTCL, offering 3G and 4G services.Ufone0330, 0331, 0332, 0333, 0334, 0335, 0336, 0337, 0338, 0339
Jazz (Mobilink)Pakistan’s largest mobile network operator with over 67 million subscribers.Jazz0300, 0301, 0302, 0303, 0304, 0305, 0306, 0307, 0308, 0309
ZongA subsidiary of China Mobile, known for innovation and cost-effective pricing.Zong0310, 0311, 0312, 0313, 0314, 0315, 0316, 0317, 0318, 0319
TelenorPart of the Telenor Group, offering quality services since 2005.Telenor0340, 0341, 0342, 0343, 0344, 0345, 0346, 0347, 0348, 0349
WaridRenowned for its high-quality network and customer service.Warid0320, 0321, 0322, 0323, 0324, 0325, 0326, 0327, 0328, 0329
SCOM (Special Communications Organization Mobile)Focuses on connecting underserved areas in northern Pakistan.SCOM0355
Pakistan Sim Codes 2024 Details

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List of Pakistan Sim Codes Network

With six major telecommunications companies operating within its borders

  1. Ufone
  2. Jazz
  3. Zong
  4. Telenor
  5. Warid
  6. Scom

Pakistan offers a diverse range of mobile services to keep you connected, whether you’re making calls, sending texts, or browsing the internet.

Pakistan SIM Codes Name list

Each of these telecommunications giants has its unique history, services, and offerings:


Ufone a subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), embarked on its journey on January 29, 2001. Since then it has become a significant player in the Pakistani telecommunications landscape. Ufone introduced 3G technology in 2006 and made its mark by launching 4G services in 2014, establishing its commitment to technological innovation. With its customer-centric approach, Ufone has consistently ranked high in customer satisfaction and network quality.

Network Name Ufone

Official 0330,0331, O332,0333,0334,0335 0336,0337,0338,0339 
Serial     033X
Codes     0330,0331,O332,0333,0334,0335 0336,0337,0338,0339 
Pakistan Sim Codes


Jazz, formerly known as Mobilink entered the Pakistani market in 1994. As the largest mobile network operator in the country, it boasts over 67 million subscribers. After its merger with Warid Telecom in 2017 Jazz solidified its position as a leader in Pakistan’s telecommunications industry. With a focus on reliability and affordability Jazz has earned its reputation as a trusted service provider.

Official website
Serial     030X
Codes   0300,0301,0302,0303,0304,0305 0306,0307,0308,0309
Pakistan Sim Codes


Zong, a subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation, entered Pakistan’s mobile services market in 2008. Its innovative services and cost-effective pricing have propelled it to prominence boasting over 45 million subscribers. Zong’s journey began with its acquisition of Paktel in 2007 and since then it has continued to gain market share as a leading mobile network operator in Pakistan.

Network Name Zong

Official website
Serial     031X
Codes   0310,0311,0312,0313,0314,0315 0316,0317,0318,0319
Pakistan Sim Codes


Telenor Pakistan a part of the Telenor Group, launched its services in Pakistan in 2005. The company’s acquisition of a GSM license marked the start of its ascent in the local telecommunications sector. With a commitment to quality service, Telenor has earned its place among the top mobile network operators in Pakistan.

Network Name Zong

Official website
Serial     031X
Codes   0310,0311,0312,0313,0314,0315 0316,0317,0318,0319
Pakistan Sim Codes


Warid Telecom founded in 2004 by Abu Dhabi Group, swiftly established itself as the fifth mobile operator in Pakistan. Renowned for its high-quality network and customer service, Warid rapidly garnered a loyal customer base. While it no longer operates independently, its legacy continues to influence Pakistan’s telecommunications landscape.

Network name Warid

Official website Warid .com
Serial     032X
Codes   0320,0321,0322,0323,0324,0325 0326,0327,0328,0329
Pakistan Sim Codes


Special Communications Organization Mobile (SCOM) focuses on connecting the underserved northern areas of Pakistan. Established in 2004, SCOM addresses the region’s demand for mobile connectivity, providing valuable services to the local population.

Network Name SCOM

Official website
Serial     O35x
Codes   0355
Pakistan Sim Codes


In a world where staying connected is essential Pakistan’s diverse range of mobile networks ensures that you’re always in touch. From the pioneering Ufone to the extensive reach of Jazz, the innovative Zong the quality-focused Telenor, the legacy of Warid, and the impactful SCOM these network giants are the driving force behind Pakistan thriving telecommunications industry. So, whether you’re a local resident or a traveler exploring this vibrant country, you can rely on these mobile networks to keep you connected informed, and engaged.

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