Ufone SIM Number Check Code 2024 – Ufone SIM Number Check karne ka tarika

Are you Looking for a Ufone sim number check? We have got you covered With over 23 million subscribers across Pakistan Ufone is a major telecom service provider. They have made it easy for their users to verify their SIM numbers without hassle. In this article, we will guide you through four simple methods to check your Ufone SIM number without requiring any balance.

If you are a Ufone user you have come to the right place to learn how to check your Ufone SIM code. Whether you’re a new user trying to get started or an experienced user needing a refresher this guide will provide you with all the information you need. From checking your Ufone SIM number to kind different codes for balance review and packages we have got you covered.

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Why Ufone SIM Number Check?

Ufone a leading telecommunications company in Pakistan is committed to maintaining high-quality service for its massive user base. With extensive network coverage spanning roads, motorways, and various locations Ufone has become a household name. As a result almost every Pakistani user owns a Ufone SIM card. However, individuals with multiple SIM cards often find it challenging to remember their Ufone number. That’s where our easy methods come in.

How to Ufone sim number check

Method 1: USSD Code

  • Open your phone’s dialer.
  • Dial 7803# and tap the call icon.
  • Your Ufone SIM number will appear on the screen.

Method 2: SMS Method

  • Open your messaging app.
  • Send an SMS to 667 with the text MNP.

You will receive a message having your Ufone number activation date and owner name.

Please note that charges may apply so make sure your phone is recharged before using this method.

Method 3: My Ufone App – Ufone SIM Number Check

  • Install the My Ufone App.
  • Log in or register if you are a new user.
  • Fill in the required details during registration.
  • Launch the app and find your Ufone SIM number and other essential information.

Method 4: Hotline Inquiry – Ufone SIM Number Check

  • Dial Ufone’s hotline number 333.
  • Provide your complete name CNIC, and IMSI number (found on the back of your SIM card) to the corporate representative.
  • They will give you your Ufone SIM number after verifying your information.
How to Ufone SIM Number Check

Terms and Conditions for Ufone SIM Number Check

  • Data access is limited to the active Ufone SIM.
  • Unauthorized use of provided services is subject to legal consequences.
  • The provided codes may not always work; contact the hotline or visit a Ufone location for assistance.

What is a Ufone SIM Code?

Before we delve into the various codes and procedures, let’s understand what a Ufone SIM code is. In simple terms, these codes are short combinations of numbers that allow you to perform specific actions on your Ufone SIM card, such as checking your balance subscribing to packages, and more.

How to Ufone SIM Number Check

Sometimes, you might need to provide your SIM number for verification purposes or while subscribing to certain services. To check your Ufone SIM number, simply dial *780# from your Ufone mobile. Your SIM number will be displayed on your screen.

How to check Ufone Balance Inquiry Codes

Managing your balance is crucial, and Ufone provides a convenient way to check your balance. Dial *124# to receive an instant SMS notification displaying your current balance.

For a more detailed inquiry including remaining free minutes, SMS, and internet data, dial *707#.

How to Ufone Internet Packages Codes

Ufone offers a variety of internet packages to suit your browsing needs. To subscribe, dial *3# and follow the prompts to select the desired package.

To check your remaining data, dial *706#.

How to check Ufone Call and SMS Packages with Codes

Stay connected with Ufone’s call and SMS packages. To subscribe to a package, dial *444# and follow the instructions. To check the status of your package, dial *706#.

How to Checking Ufone SIM Ownership

Curious about the owner of a Ufone SIM? Send the desired SIM number to 668 via SMS. You’ll receive a response indicating the owner’s name and CNIC number.

How to check Transferring Balance on Ufone

Need to share your balance with a friend or family member? Dial *828# and follow the on-screen instructions to transfer credit.

How to check PUC Code: Unlocking Your Blocked Ufone SIM

If your Ufone SIM is blocked due to entering the wrong PIN code multiple times you’ll need the PUC (Personal Unblocking Code) to unlock it. You can find this code on the SIM card certificate.

How to Ufone SIM Replacement Process

In case you lose your Ufone SIM or it gets damaged visit a Ufone service center with your original CNIC and a photocopy. You’ll be issued a new SIM with your existing number.

Ufone SIM Upgrade Guidelines

Upgrading your Ufone SIM to a 4G SIM is simple. Visit a Ufone service center with your original CNIC and old SIM and they’ll provide you with a new 4G SIM.

Securing Your Ufone SIM: PIN and PUK Codes

Protect your SIM with a PIN code. Dial *336# and follow the instructions to set up your PIN. If you forget your PIN, use your PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) to unlock it.

How to Recharge Your Ufone SIM

Recharging your Ufone balance is easy. Purchase a recharge card or use Ufone’s online recharge option. Scratch the card to reveal the code, dial 123 followed by the 14-digit code, and press “#”.

Troubleshooting Common Ufone SIM Issues

Encountering issues with your Ufone SIM? From signal problems to connectivity issues, check out our troubleshooting guide to resolve common problems.

Tips for Optimizing Your Ufone Network

Get the most out of your Ufone network by following these tips. From signal reception to data speed optimization, we’ve got you covered. Read More


Congratulations you are now well-equipped to navigate the world of Ufone SIM codes! Whether you need to check your balance subscribe to packages or troubleshoot issues this guide has provided you with all the information you need. Keep this handy for quick reference and enjoy a seamless Ufone experience.

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