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Ufone Super Card 2023

Are you looking for Ufone Super Card 2023? yes, you reached right. Staying connected is not simply an extra in today’s quick-paced society.  It is a need. However, this does not suggest that you must spend a fortune to have constant access to the internet and communication. With its Ufone Super Card Ufone, one of Pakistan’s top telecom companies offers a practical other.

This prepaid card offers a variety of data voice, and SMS bundles making it a well-liked option for people tight budget. We’ll go into great detail about the Ufone Super Card 2023 in this extensive guide and show you how to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

Ufone Super Card 2023

PackagePrice (PKR)Validity (Days)On-Net MinutesOff-Net MinutesSMSMobile Internet (MB)Facebook (MB)
Super Card Mini34915500753500600
Super Card60030150030050001200
Super Card Plus89930Unlimited600Unlimited1800
Super Card Gold119930Unlimited600Unlimited24007000
Table of Ufone Super cards

Ufone Super Card 2023 Hourly Bundles:

For those who require quick internet access for short tasks like checking emails or browsing social media, the Ufone Super Card offers hourly data bundles. These bundles start at just Rs. 10 for 1 hour of data. To activate an hourly data bundle, simply dial *111# and select your desired bundle option.

Ufone Super Card 2023 Daily Bundles:

If you need internet access for a full day, Ufone Super Card 2023 has you covered with its daily data bundles. These bundles start at Rs. 25 for 1 day of data. Whether you’re traveling or planning an extended day trip, these bundles are an excellent choice. To activate a daily data bundle, dial *111# and select your preferred option.

Ufone Super Card Weekly Bundles:

For those looking for internet connectivity throughout the week, Ufone Super Card 2023 offers weekly data bundles starting at Rs. 100 for 1 week of data. Whether you’re going on vacation or simply need uninterrupted internet access, these bundles provide great value. To activate a weekly data bundle, dial *111# and select your desired option.

Ufone Super Card Monthly Bundles:

Students, working professionals, and anyone seeking long-term connectivity can benefit from Ufone Super Card’s monthly data bundles. Starting at Rs. 300 for 1 month of data, these bundles offer exceptional value for extended usage. To activate a monthly data bundle, dial *111# and choose your preferred option.

Additional Features:

The Ufone Super Card 2023 isn’t just about data bundles; it also offers a range of additional features, including:

  • Unlimited on-net minutes.
  • 500 off-net minutes.
  • 1000 SMS.
  • Free caller ring back tone.
  • Free access to Ufone’s music and movie streaming services.

Activation Options:

Activating the Ufone Super Card is a breeze. You can choose one of the following methods:

  • Buy a Ufone Super Card from a retailer.
  • Dial *629# from your Ufone number.
  • Subscribe through the My Ufone app.

Checking Your Balance:

To keep track of your Ufone Super Card balance, you have two convenient options:

  • Dial *706# from your Ufone number.

Use the My Ufone app to check your balance.

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In summary, the Ufone Super Card is the ideal choice for those seeking an affordable way to stay connected. With its diverse range of data, voice, and SMS bundles, as well as additional features like free caller ringback tones and streaming services, it offers incredible value for money. Keep in mind that bundle prices may vary by region, and bundle validity can also differ. Moreover, you can even subscribe to a Super Card bundle for a loved one by dialing *32# and entering their mobile number.

For more information about the Ufone Super Card or any queries you may have please visit the Ufone website or contact their customer service. Stay connected stay informed and stay budget-conscious with Ufone Super Card.

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