Zong Call Packages Monthly 2024: Hourly, Daily and monthly

If you are looking for the best Zong call packages for 2024, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will share with you the latest and updated Zong call packages for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You will find the details of each package, such as the price, validity, minutes, and subscription code. Whether you need to make calls for a few minutes, a whole day, a week, or a month, Zong has a package for you. Zong offers a variety of call packages with different features and benefits, such as free SMS, internet data, and off-net minutes.

Zong is one of the leading telecom operators in Pakistan, with a large customer base and network coverage. Zong provides high-quality voice and data services at affordable rates. Zong also offers innovative and customer-friendly services, such as Zong TV, Zong Music, Zong Games, etc. To subscribe to any of the Zong call packages, you just need to dial the respective USSD code from your Zong SIM. You can also check the remaining balance, minutes, and data of your package by dialing *222#.

To know more about the Zong call packages for 2024, read the full blog post below. You will find the complete list of Zong call packages for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis, along with their features and prices. Additionally, you can evaluate the various packages and select the ideal one for your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and dial the code of your favorite Zong call package now. Enjoy talking to your friends and family with Zong. Zong, Say It All.

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All Zong Call Packages 2024

Call Package TypeDescriptionStarting Price (Rs.)Unsubscribe CodeActivation Code
Hourly Call PackagesUnlimited calls to Zong numbers for a specified timeRs. 2 *5555#
Daily Call PackagesUnlimited calls to Zong numbers + off-net minutesRs. 8*45#
Weekly Call PackagesUnlimited calls to Zong numbers + off-net minutesRs. 30*4141#
Monthly Call PackagesUnlimited calls to Zong numbers + off-net minutesRs. 100*4143#
Special Call Packages
– Non-Stop PackageUnlimited calls to Zong numbers for a dayRs. 10*777#
– Perfect Package10,000 On-Net minutes, 500 SMS, 40 MBs data (10 pm – 7 am)Rs. 25*225#
– Shandaar Daily PackageUnlimited On-Net minutes, 800 SMS, 50 MBs data for a dayRs. 12*999#
Table Zong Call Packages 2024

Explain Zong Call Packages 2024

Zong Hourly Call Packages code

Let’s kick things off with Zong Hourly Call Packages. These packages are perfect for those who require unlimited calls to Zong numbers for a specific duration be it one hour or two. And the best part? The cost of entry starts at just Rs. 2 To activate an hourly call package simply dial  *5555# from your phone.

Zong Daily Call Packages code

For those seeking a daily calling solution, Zong Daily Call Packages offer unlimited calls to Zong numbers, along with a specific number of off-net minutes. With prices starting at just Rs. 8, it’s an affordable way to stay connected. Activate your daily call package by dialing *45#.

Zong Weekly Call Packages code

Do you require something that is not temporary? Unlimited calls to Zong numbers and off-net minutes are included in Zong Weekly Call Packages, which last for an entire week. Prices begin at Rs. 30 ensuring you stay in touch without breaking the bank. Dial *4141# to activate your weekly call package.

Zong Monthly Call Packages code

For the ultimate convenience and savings Zong Monthly Call Packages have you covered. Enjoy unlimited calls to Zong numbers and off-net minutes for an entire month, with packages starting at just Rs. 100. To activate a monthly call package, dial *4143#.

Special Zong Call Packages

In addition to the regular offerings Zong also presents a range of special call packages:

  1. Non-Stop Package: Unlimited calls to Zong numbers for a day, priced at just Rs. 10.
  2. Perfect Package: Get 10,000 free On-Net minutes, 500 SMS, and 40 MBs of internet data from 10 pm to 7 pm for only Rs. 25 per day.
  3. Shandaar Daily Package: Enjoy unlimited On-Net minutes, 800 SMS, and 50 MBs of internet data for a day at a mere cost of Rs. 12.
  4. To activate any of these special call packages, simply dial the respective activation code from your phone.

Additional Information

Here are some crucial points to keep in mind about Zong call packages:

  1. Prices and package availability may vary depending on your region.
  2. The validity of call packages can also differ, so be sure to check before subscribing.
  3. To check your package’s validity and balance, dial *123#.
  4. If you ever wish to unsubscribe from a call package, dial *123# and follow the provided instructions.


Zong offers an extensive range of call packages to cater to every communication need and budget. With options for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly packages as well as special offerings Zong ensures you stay connected seamlessly. To explore more about these packages or to activate one visit the official Zong website or contact the Zong customer service number.

What is the call package of Zong?

Zong offers different types of call packages for its customers, such as daily, weekly, monthly, and international. Each package has different benefits, prices, and subscription codes. You can check the details of each package on Zong website.

How can I get free Zong calls without balance?

To get free Zong calls without balance, you can dial *45# or *118*1# to receive 20 free minutes for Zong-to-Zong calls daily. You can also check the Zong call packages that offer free on-net minutes, SMS, and internet data for different durations and prices.

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