Zong International Call Packages 2024

Zong is one of the Famous mobile network operators in Pakistan and it offers a variety of international call packages to suit the needs of its customers. Whether you’re calling friends and family abroad for a quick chat or need to make regular calls for business Zong has a package that is right for you.

Before subcribe the package you must check your zong Balance. if your Zong balance is low then you get a loan for your Zong sim.

After the subscription, you are to Save Zong Balance. You can also share your Zong balance with your Friends and family.

Zong International Call Packages

PackagePriceCountries CoveredValiditySubscribe CodeData
IDD Unlimited China Weekly BundlePKR 525China7 days*1231#Unlimited
IDD Unlimited China Monthly BundlePKR 2,250China30 days*1232#Unlimited
IDD Unlimited USA and Canada Weekly BundlePKR 750USA and Canada7 days*1233#Unlimited
IDD Unlimited USA and Canada Monthly BundlePKR 3,000USA and Canada30 days*1234#Unlimited
IDD Unlimited All Asia Weekly BundlePKR 1,000All Asian countries7 days*1235#Unlimited
IDD Unlimited All Asia Monthly BundlePKR 4,000All Asian countries30 days*1236#Unlimited
IR Roaming Bundle 1GBPKR 2,0001GB of data, 100 minutes of calls, and 100 SMS7 days*1237#1GB
IR Roaming Bundle 2GBPKR 3,0002GB of data, 200 minutes of calls, and 200 SMS30 days*1238#2GB
IR Roaming Bundle 3GBPKR 4,0003GB of data, 300 minutes of calls, and 300 SMS30 days*1239#3GB
Table Zong International Call Package Daily weekly and Monthly

Zong International Call Packages Types

Zong international call packages primarily fall into two categories:

  • 1. IDD Packages: These packages provide a specified number of minutes for calls to specific countries or regions. For instance, you can opt for an IDD package for the United States and Canada or a comprehensive IDD package for all of Asia.
  • 2. Roaming Bundles: These bundles come with a set number of minutes for both outgoing and incoming calls while you’re traveling abroad.

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Zong International Call Packages Prices

The cost of Zong international call packages hinges on your choice of package type and the specific country or region you intend to dial. Nonetheless, Zong remains known for its competitive pricing offering value for your international calling needs.

How to Activate a Zong International Call Package

Activating a Zong international call package is a breeze. You can either dial *1111# and select Option 1 or text “Sub” to 1111. Once subscribed you can promptly commence making international calls.

Zong International Call Packages Table

Refer to the table below for a comprehensive list of Zong international call packages their corresponding prices and the countries or regions they encompass:

Which Zong International Call Packages is Right for You?

Determining the ideal Zong international call package hinges on your specific requirements. If you only need to make occasional calls to a particular country or region, an IDD package may suffice. However, if your calling needs span multiple countries or you frequently board on international journeys a roaming bundle could be the better choice.

To make the right selection consider the following factors:

  • Which nations or regions do you need to call?
  • How frequently do you need to make international calls?
  • What is your budget for international calls?

Once these factors are weighed you can efficiently compare Zong diverse international call packages to pinpoint the one that aligns best with your needs.

Additional Tips for Making International Calls with Zong

  • For successful international calls with Zong remember to dial the country code followed by the phone number in the correct format.
  • Zong extends its offerings with various international calling add-ons that allow you to save on your calls. Explore add-ons for discounted calls to specific countries or regions.
  • When traveling abroad ensure that you activate a roaming bundle before your departure. This ensures that you benefit from affordable international calling rates while you’re away.

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In this article I have given all the details of zong international call package, how you can subscribe to your package, and what are its benefits, all that information is there in this article.

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