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If you are looking for the best Zong YouTube packages then I will recommend that the Zong YouTube package 2024 offers many offers at a low price. Ufone users can enjoy one-hour, one-day, two days, three days, week, and monthly packages of ZONG 4G. If you want to enjoy 4G internet while staying in Pakistan, I have given you all the packages below.

If you want to subscribe Zong YouTube packages, you need to check your balance first. If your balance is less than the package price, you can get Zong advanced service.

Once you subscribe to the package, you must keep your balance safe. You can also share your Zong balance with your friends or family in case of an emergency.

Zong YouTube Packages 2024 Details

Here zong YouTube Packages Details are given below.

Package NamePriceValidityData VolumeSubscription Code
Daily Data Max OfferRs. 491 Day1 GB (500 MB for YouTube + 500 MB for all internet)*5#
Weekly YouTube OfferRs. 1697 Days8 GB for YouTube and TikTok*570#
Weekly Video PackageRs. 1007 Days5 GB for YouTube and TikTok*606#
Super Weekly MaxRs. 2997 Days30 GB (15 GB for YouTube + 15 GB for all internet)*220#
Monthly YouTube PackageRs. 65030 Days15 GB for YouTube*6464#
Table of Zong YouTube Plans

How to Subscribe to the Zong YouTube Package for 3 Days?

How to Subscribe to the Zong YouTube Package for 3 Days in details given in table.

Package NameZong YouTube Package 3 Days
Duration3 Days
PriceRs. 10
Benefits– Unlimited YouTube Streaming for 3 Days
– No Data Charges for YouTube
Activation CodeDial *345# from your Zong number
Check Balance CodeDial *123# from your Zong number
Activation Methods Dial *570#
How to Subscribe to the Zong YouTube Package for 3 Days?

Zong YouTube Package 3 Days

Are you tired of watching your data deplete every time you stream YouTube videos? If so, the Zong YouTube Package 3 Days might be your perfect solution. This package offers you a generous 3 days of unlimited YouTube streaming for just Rs. 10. That’s right; you can enjoy all your favorite videos without the nagging worry of data charges.

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What is the Zong YouTube Package for 3 Days?

The Zong YouTube Package 3 Days is a prepaid data package that understands your YouTube addiction. It allows you to indulge in endless YouTube video watching without the fear of incurring additional data charges. For a mere Rs. 10, you can enjoy three whole days of uninterrupted streaming.

How to Activate the Zong YouTube Package for 3 Days?

Activating the Zong YouTube Package 3 Days is as easy as pie. Simply dial *345# from your Zong number, and you will be prompted to enter your PIN. Once you’ve entered your PIN, voilà, your YouTube package is activated and ready to roll.

  1. Dialing *345# from your Zong number.
  2. Visiting the official Zong website.
  3. Use the convenient Zong app available for download.

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How to Check the Balance of the Zong YouTube Package 3 Days?

Curious about how much streaming time you have left? It’s a breeze to check your Zong YouTube Package 3-day balance. Just dial *123# from your Zong number, and you’ll instantly see the remaining balance of your package.

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Benefits of the Zong YouTube Packages 3 Days:

The Zong YouTube Package 3 Days comes with a host of benefits:

  1. Unlimited YouTube Streaming for 3 Days: Stream to your heart’s content without any restrictions.
  2. No Data Charges for YouTube: Say goodbye to the dread of high data charges when binge-watching your favorite YouTube channels.
  3. Affordable Price of Rs. 10: It’s a steal considering the value you get in return.
  4. Easy Activation and Usage: The activation process is straightforward, and you can start enjoying YouTube instantly.


In this article I have explained the Zong YouTube packages Daily Weekly package. It also gives a subscribe code on your package name price validity data volume and subscription.

To subscribe to the package you just have to match the subscription to your mobile and your package will be subscribed. I hope you have benefited from the information. If you have any issues then you can contact us.

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